Greg Kerr


InstructorInstructional DesignerWeb Designer/DeveloperWriter

Greg Kerr, instructor, writer and indie film producer

Greg Kerr writes textbooks and other instructional material. He also develops websites, web courses, and instructional videos. He has been teaching college courses in writing, web development, and business for over 20 years.

When he's not writing technical documents and web content, he writes fictional books, and screenplays and he has produced several indie films.

Learn more about Greg's creative work at and his new original book series Exceptionals.

College Courses Taught



  • BUSN 7301 Microsoft Windows and Digital Skills
  • BUSN 7305 Basic Business English and Communications
  • BA 131 Computers in Business
  • BA 211 Human Resources/Personnel Mgmt.

Computer Information Systems

  • CIS 195H HTML and CSS
  • CIS 133W JavaScript for Web Developers
  • CIS 120 Digital Literacy
  • CIS 112 Windows OS

Computer Applications

  • CAS 109 PowerPoint
  • CAS 133 Microsoft Office Applications
  • CAS 137 Adobe Suite (including Photoshop)
  • CAS 140 Beginning Access
  • CAS 170 Beginning Excel
  • CAS 171 Intermediate Excel
  • CAS 216 Beginning Word
  • CAS 217 Intermediate Word


  • MM 270 Writing for Multimedia
  • CAS 111W WordPress Content Writing
  • CAS 180 Writing for the Web and SEO

Web Design

  • CAS 101 Intro to Web Development & Design
  • CAS 181W Content Management Systems: WordPress
  • CAS 206 Principles of HTML5 and CSS3
  • CAS 211W WordPress Customizations and Theme Building
  • CAS 215 Advanced CSS3 and Pre-Processors
  • CAS 222 Website Creation with PHP and JavaScript
  • CAS 280W Internship for Web Students
  • CAS 285 Capstone: Website Program

Portfolio and Certification


Web Development / Instructional Design

Book Series promotional website

  • Original, custom WordPress theme
  • Mobile first responsive design
  • Tested on many mobile devices to ensure proper playback
  • Content organized to maximize SEO and maintain security
  • Numerous jQuery features used to enhance UX/UI
  • Hand-coded JavaScript features
  • Bootstrap grid and navigation
  • Most images and video produced
  • Background video customized for current YouTube API

Actor promotional website

  • Project management - client deadline met
  • Gmail web application established for secure contact
  • Masonry image gallery altered/styled
  • Hosting provided
  • Manual SSL Certificate
  • Customized WordPress theme
  • Some video production, effects, editing provided
  • Images optimized and corrected with PhotoShop
OTC badge

PCC's Online Teaching Certification Badge

Awarded: Mar 1, 2024

Awarded To: GREG KERR


Canvas Online Teaching Certification

Course included

  • 80 hours of facilitated professional development
  • focused on designing an online course in Canvas that aligns to the Online Education Initiative's Course Design Rubric
  • online learning theory
  • approaches to online course design
  • strategies for supporting student success through course design, interaction, assessment and accessibility

Standards included

  • federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to online teaching and learning, including Section 508 and Regular Effective Contact;
  • modeling ethical use of digital content, including citing sources;
  • support of student success through the development of a robust orientation module, effective communication plan, and inclusion of tutorials;
  • approaches for enhancing teacher presence and raising student engagement through multi-media.