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I’m often asked by local actors and independent filmmakers about casting notice locations and resources in Portland, Oregon. Actors want to know where they should go to find out about the most recent casting notices and filmmakers want to know where they can post their own notices.


Since my indie film company, Full Brain Films, frequently makes use of several of these resources, I thought I’d pass along their names and links and my thoughts about them.

Kevin Forrest and Greg Kerr do some pre-production preparation and discuss casting issues.


PDX Auditions and Performer’s Callboard (which is primarily for the Seattle area, but also has notices for Portland) are managed websites — you email or upload your notice, it’s screened by an actual human being, then it’s posted if it’s deemed real. You can contact them through their links here:


The Yahoo Group Listserv, PDXBackstage, was established for Portland theatre performers and companies to connect. It has also been embraced by the Portland film community as a place to post casting notices. The list is unmoderated, and it can generate a ton of email, so you may want to connect it to an email account you don’t mind flooding.


Another unmoderated group that was at one time very active is the Oregon Media Network social site. Particularly the Casting Call group there. In late 2011, they indicated they were shutting down the site in 2012 due to lack of use, primarily caused by actors and filmmakers using Facebook and other social media sites for casting information. They had a change of heart and will operate through 2012.


Facebook groups are currently very active, and these three in particular have many followers and contributors for casting and other film and video related notices.


Like many film companies, Full Brain Films has established a Facebook page to post casting notices and general notices about our company, our members and current projects. This social media resource has been very effective at attracting interest for us. Twitter can be useful as well, and we send our Twitter feed to our Facebook page.


Craigslist offers a free posting area for casting and other notices under the heading “Talent Gigs”. If you post there, you will get a response — a lot of response. And the quality of respondents varies from serious acting professionals in the community to amateurs — not only amateurs to acting, but sometimes the Internet as well!


And the reverse is very true, too. Actors should be wary of all the postings they see there. The film companies — and the word companies is used very loosely in some cases — varies widely from the well-known to the single guy wanting women for “clothing optional film roles”.


It’s a resource that shouldn’t be overlooked for actors, but notices there should be read carefully and with some healthy skepticism.


I’m sure there are other reliable resources out there for casting notices in Portland, Oregon. If you know about them, please reply here and let me know, too!


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  1. Im an actor from california that just moved to oregon and am looking for work if your looking for something beautiful but not normal call me

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