Greg Kerr



Greg Kerr, instructor, writer and indie film producer

Greg Kerr has taught college courses for over 20 years. He currently teaches web design and content writing courses at Portland Community College.

He has also been writing screenplays, producing independent films and creating narrative fiction for many years.

Learn more about Greg and his work by following his Portland independent film company, Full Brain Films, and his new original series, Exceptionals.

Classes Taught - WINTER 2019



CAS 101

Intro to the Web Design Program

CAS 111W

Beginning Web Design: WordPress

CAS 206

Principles of HTML and CSS

CAS 280W

Cooperative Education: Website Development

Past Classes



Greg has crafted stories in a wide variety of genres including drama, science fiction, satire, dark comedy, action and noir.

He is a member and manager of Full Brain Films LLC, an independent film production company in Portland, Oregon.

His current project is a new web series, Exceptionals.


EXCEPTIONALS series concept trailer